Cable & Mining tunnels

Cable tunnels are essential for modern data and power distribution and a fire in such an underground tunnel can bring society to a standstill and lead to serious economic loss. Due to the volume of electricity in these environments the risk of fire is especially high. However, only rarely are cable tunnels protected by a fire fighting system due to the fear of water damage.

Fires in mining tunnels are extremely dangerous and can have fatal consequences for the personnel working in the tunnel, and lead to extensive production downtime. Operating an underground mine often require different types of heavy machinery and because of the workload and the harsh conditions these machines are at a certain risk of catching fire.

A Low Pressure Watermist system ensures optimal fire protection for cable and mining tunnels and offers:

  • Rapid fire control
  • Minimal water damage
  • Simple and modular installation
  • Full protection 3D watermist spray
  • Opportunity for downsizing to smaller smoke extraction systems and fewer escape routes

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